Friday, 17 August 2012

Travel rug tartan and camoflage (Pimping out my ride)

I always wanted my first car to be a ford capri, or a fiat 500 (preferably 1970s) but sometimes you have to accept that you can barely parallel park a city car, and that you're not strong enough for the lack of power steering, and that the person you are sharing the car with wants something sensible, and annoyingly, sensible always wins out. And so I will wait patiently for my mid life crisis when hopefully i will have enough money to be ridiculous and buy my un-drivable car even if it is just to drive to the supermarket. Shopping for a modern car was depressing, the reason i love vintage cars the most is for their interiors, the patterned fabrics, huge steering wheels, leather trims. It makes me sad when people dismiss interior design, when they say that the design of a space doesn't affect the user, they are so wrong. I don't know anything about the car industry, but i do know that today's interior fabric choices of grey or black is depressing when you have to spend so much. Nothing excites, nothing has any personality, can someone please take inspiration from past car interiors and do something new? My new car's interior is black, its plastic,its boring, and so i am pimping it out, with a tartan travel rug to start with.

 Living in Scotland, I don't feel like i can wear tartan anymore in fear of looking like an American tourist, back in the early 90's, when i lived in England and was starting to buy my own clothes, tartan made some sort of brief comeback (i think it was the john paul gaultier influence) i had a pair of proper travel rug pattern trousers that i loved, alongside 2 tartan pinafore dresses that i used to wear over long sleeve silky satin shirts, i dont think i could get away with the trousers now but i wish i still had the dresses, i would get someone to upholster all the car seats in matching tartan and travel around camouflage style, so it would just look like a floating head and hands driving the car. It reminded me of a scene from the film "garden state" where the main character gets a shirt made for him to match his mum's bathroom wallpaper.

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