Sunday, 26 June 2011

Snow Black's sunny weekend

Eels-Hey Man...

This weekend I took a break from drawing, sat out in the sun, ate my way through one giant malteser muffin and one peach ice cream, wore my dress with little kissing deers on it, managed not to fall off my Swedish clogs, kept warm with my favorite stripey jumper and got annoyed at the bbc for not covering eels live at glastonbury, and so started a countdown until I see them live in Newcastle...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Snow Black and the Bee Invasion-I'm not Snow White

There are some similarities between me and Snow White-the porcelain skin, and being an animal lover, but thats about where it ends, I don't reside with 7 small men, do any housework or eat apples (unless they are non poisonous and in a pie) Recently though it seems i have been mistaken for her by the animals and insects that think they can come into my house, except they are not talking to me and tidying up, just causing me lots of stress.
In my last flat lots of grey squirels used to play in the tree next to my window and I'd watch them, stupidly thinking they were cute and harmless, that was until they day i realised they'd taken up home in my loft, gone were my sunday morning lie ins as they'd scramble about above me early on a morning, i had to adopt a new sleeping position that involved wrapping a pillow around my head to buffer the noise.
For the past two years in the flat i now live in birds have been nesting in the eaves-which is not good when i sleep in the loft conversion right next to the eaves, at the same time we had horny seagulls on the roof above, again the pillow wrapping technique came in handy.
This year, when i thought we might have escaped animals coming to live with us, bees have decided that it'd be a good idea to nest somewhere beneath our roof tiles. It's the worst invasion so far because somehow we have managed to provide a home for directionless bees who end up lost and drowsy in our living room and kitchen.
When it comes to bees and wasps i think you can only end up in one of two camps-those who stay still and keep calm, and those who scream, run and throw their arms about, i fall into the latter. It's a proven technique that has been well practiced over the years; i can put it into practice in any public place and not feel embarrassed, anything to avoid the sting. This time, with the bee invasion, i've had to toughen up and actually catch them to get them out-jam jar in one hand, piece of card in the other, foot pushing the cat away, and fully prepared to run if all else fails.
So this is a plea to all future pests, please find snow white, she will sing to you and be nice, i will just scream very loudly at you and my cat may try to eat you.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Snow Black and the other Dorothy shoes

Once upon a time (about 5 summers ago...) I worked at a well know architects firm as a model maker, i spent my days trying to make models from resin,perspex, foam and pretty much anything else i could think of, sometimes wearing a dress/heels/huge rubber gloves combination that i hope i'll never have to repeat. Most of the people there were great and the days went by quickly sitting in the sunshine at lunch and listening to music that i was given by a co worker, mostly this kind of thing.
One thing I soon learned was that its definitely true about architects offices, they do all wear black, or shades of grey, even in the summer. Architects do seem to like grey, the office was decorated in it too, so even on the sunniest days it always felt a bit depressing. I don't suit plain black, my skin isn't the right kind of pale to pull it off, and I cant really do grey either, so i just had to wear my usual patterned stuff and not blend in. I used to love wearing my silver sparkly Dorothy shoes (In the wizard of Oz book, her shoes were silver, not red like in the film...) they are Mary Jane style with glittery shiny silver bits all over that glisten in the sun. I used to get a lot of stares when i skipped down the stairs in them, but one female architect said they cheered up her day (she was a head to toe black dresser in the office...) I don't work in an architect's office anymore but i really hope one day, some architects will get together and wear something coloured, or patterned, or sparkly, and architecture will be a less grey world.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Snow Black and the Ford Capri ambition

Chuck Berry-No particular place to go

I hate modern cars, there's not a single one that I would want to own, I can't describe exactly why I don't find them attractive, but they're just not sexy. There's too much thought about airbags and sensible things like that,what happened to patterned interior fabrics and glossy timber veneer on the dashboards and tape decks? Don't even get me started on cars that are doing away with that little mirror on the passenger side sun shield.
I think that not being able to find any modern cars I like is one of the reasons I also hate driving and spend my life as a passenger. The only car I would love to own is a Ford Capri, I have been dreaming of owning one for about 10 years now, I cant even remember how it started. If I ever get to own one it'll be a rusty red/orange colour with tartan fabric seats and I will spend my evening shining its beautiful bonnet. I'll get some of my 1970's style clothes out to drive it in like my top with daisies on, my wide leg trousers and the bag with a hideous retro pattern on that i rescued from a second hand shop.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Snow Black loves Beetlejuice

The first film i loved was Wizard of Oz, which i watched religiously every night for years when i was at school, then a friend introduced me to Edward Scissorhands and soon i became a bit of a Tim Burton obsessive (well, up until he turned a bit rubbish) I think Beetlejuice soon became my favorite because i was in love with Lydia Deetz, played by a very young Winona Ryder. I decided i would be like her when i grew up, i wanted to change my name to Lydia (i always wanted to change my name to something else) have wild black hair, black clothes and huge black hats to shade myself from the sun. It might go to explain the year when i dressed mainly in black, aged 18. I think my Beetlejuice obsession might also explain my love for black and white stripey clothes. I loved the final scene where Lydia and the ghosts dance to this song......

Here is my best Beetlejuice inspired outfit, a black lace bodysuit, fishnet tights and doc martens, and my new black and white stripe pencil skirt.

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