Friday, 28 October 2011

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Snow Black, the first zine, out now!

After 6 months of blogging about Snow Black I decided to make my first paper doll zine which contains 6 of my favorite snow black adventures from the blog plus one drawing done exclusively for the zine!
It's available now on etsy for just £2.50 and I can ship worldwide

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Snow Black and the Micheal Myers nightmare

After falling ill at the end of my New York adventure, this, combined with bad jetlag meant my body wouldn't allow me to fall sleep til after 3am for a few was not one night I decided, if you cant beat them, join them, well-not other ill jetlag sufferers, but other people who would be awake at such an unsociable hour, horror movie fans. The Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh was hosting its third "all night horror madness" event, you can view my post from the second one here.
This time around I didnt quite manage the all nighter and left at around 5.30 am after seeing 3 amazing horror films, two were new to me-Pieces and Blue Sunshine, and I'd recommend them to anyone who appreciates gore and great one liners, for anyone with a penchant for 70s knitwear, retro haircuts and vintage american cars then Blue Sunshine is a must see!!
(Be warned...these might be a bit gory, and there is some (occasionally hilarious) swearing....)

The third film I saw was Halloween, a film I have a bit of a love hate relationship with, you see, I LOVE the film, I HATE the after effect, which for me is seeing the killer's masked face everywhere I go and being afraid of the dark for a good while after seeing the film. Having a creative mind can be a curse at times as you can NEVER turn it off, and it takes you on paths you never thought of, and after seeing Halloween I imagine I am one of the victims everywhere I go, and that Micheal Myers is creeping up behind me.
I think these fears come from my childhood, you can blame pretty much anything on something that happened to you when you were a kid, and this one I am blaming on being in primary school and having my friend Micheal(not Myers, thank God) who lived opposite telling me that the boogie man was going to get me on my way home from his house. I was a pretty gullable kid, especially around Micheal, he once told me to put my finger in (what I didnt know was) a nutcracker...I did it, It hurt, I ran home crying and had a big bump on my pinkie for what seemed like a long time afterwards. So you see, for some reason, I really trusted this boy, and so when he said there was a boogie man, who was I to doubt him. I would imagine that this boogie man was lurking about at night between our houses, and at night i shut my eyes really tight in bed incase he was peering through my curtains.
So, when I saw Halloween for the first time aged around 15, even though I found a lot of it funny, It was a bit of a creepy coincidence that the two children being babysat in the film are a boy and a girl who live opposite each other (with the girl having the same name as me) and that the boy is convincing the girl that he can see the boogieman, they were also about the same age as me and Micheal were.
Its the scenes where the victims are looking outside their houses and see the boogieman (or Micheal Myers as he is known) stood staring back, and then when they look back again, he is gone that scare me the most, as I used to imagine the boogie man would be stood staring into my house like that when i was little.
I think the most terryfying thing is his mask, and the sound of his breathing, I have creeped myself out so much watching Halloween again that I am vowing never ever ever to see it again.ever. I really want to go to another Cameo Horror all nighter, my worst fear would be is if people showed up wearing the Micheal Myers mask, I think I might actually cry.
Here is my vision of the mask nightmare, along with what I was wearing at the Cameo, including my ACE new cat shorts.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Snow Black and the Ford Foundation Building-New York

I am still recovering from jetlag and what I think was a bad case of dehydration after my trip to New York City, heat and snow white skin just don't mix well....and so instead of writing a lengthy piece about the Ford Foundation Building in New York, I will direct you to this Wikipedia page (click here!) because It has some interesting bits about the human interior experience that I don't have the mental capacity to write about in this state.
I stumbled across the building on the way to the UN building, which features in all the guide books, the Ford Foundation had two lines written about it in my oversized guide book but I think it should have had a whole chapter (or at least a page) it's a 1960s steel and concrete beauty of a building with a sexy brown shiny floor and an atrium that is open (and free) for all to visit. I would love to work there although I doubt I'd get anything done as I'd sit there all day basking in the warmth and watching all the people up above work away.....

Snow Black goes to Coney Island

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