Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Whats it called? Cumbernauld

I've been working on a collection of drawings for a few months now, without giving too much away its a set of illustrations about ill fated modern architecture, i'm not going to say what it is exactly or someone might steal my idea, be much better at drawing than me, and get it published and make enough money to retire early and I will claim the idea was all mine but no one will believe me...one of my favorite drawings is all about the lovely town of Cumbernauld, its always getting awards for being one of the U.K's worst towns, but I have to disagree. Whilst I was doing some research for my drawings I found what has to be the best distraction from work ever, the Scottish Screen Archive website, you can type in a subject and it comes up with loads of films or clips from films from the past, there are some real gems in there, like a 1970s film for women about what it'd be like to work in a bank; when I typed in Cumbernauld I found an AMAZING film from 1970 (see it here) when Cumbernauld was a brand new town, it captures the excitement about this new place to live, and I loved every 26 minutes of it, the old cars, the fashions, the babies in massive prams, grannies playing bingo, but best of all, 5 minutes in, is the clip of the lampshade shop with a sales assistant in an amazing outfit! I would have loved to have lived in Cumbernauld in the early 1970s, I would get a job in that lampshade shop and wear clothes to match the lampshades, I think i'd make a really good sales person there, then I could go shopping after work, maybe go for a game of golf, then join the grannies for bingo in the evening, what a life!

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