Thursday, 12 April 2012

Snow Black's Birthday plan

For my birthday I am going to spend the afternoon doing what I said I would do last year, which is sitting in my favourite chair eating cupcakes and drinking tea, I think I will read my book too, or listen to some music and maybe take a nap, Lucky has been sat by my side in the windowsill looking for birds, she obviously knows it is my birthday, or maybe she just wants biscuits. I am going to wear my new tap dancing shoes to get used to them for my first lesson next week, they are not as good looking as I hoped they would be, they look a bit like the shoes Dorothy wore in Wizard of Oz before she got her ruby slippers, you know, sensible black farm girl shoes, that is what i will be tapping in, farm girl chic....i'm going to wear my peach dress with little orange flowers on it, It looks a bit like a dressing gown but I am still going to wear it out later today when I go to the arcades at Portobello and then for dinner and a cocktail... or two....maybe being 28 wont be so bad after all..

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