Monday, 22 October 2012

Snow Black's Traumatic Tuesday

For as long as I can remember my body has adapted the same strategy for coping with injections, blood tests and cuts (no matter how minor) gives in and passes out, it is out of my control and so I just have to go with it. I hate fainting, the horrible feeling you get just before you go, the mental dreams you get when you are out and the horrible feeling of not knowing where you are or who is infront of you when you come round, or why your head/face/legs are so sore (because you bashed them off the hardwood floor/table/cupboard) it has all happened to me so many times, followed by the usual questions of..are you epileptic (no) does this happen a lot (yes) did you eat breakfast (yes) and are you normally this pale (yes, unfortunately, i am) Last Tuesday was the most horrific of them all, I had to go in for blood tests and I had a week to wait for the appointment, a week of fear! I know it doesnt hurt, the pain doesnt scare me, it is knowing I am going to pass out. The nurse was really nice but she made the mistake of showing me the bottles that she had to fill my blood into, bad start. As I laid on the bed (I cant hack it sat up) I turned my head away and listened to some music but as i felt the needle go in all i could think of was the bottles and the blood...and my veins, and the needle...having a vivid imagination can be a really bad thing. And so it wasnt long before that horrible fuzzy feeling happened and no amount of water or putting my head down was about to stop my blood draining from my head, and so I passed out...and had a fit...and had a dream that I was was the worst faint ever...i came around mumbling "MY LEGS!" they were so sore, in my dramatic faint i had managed to move myself down the bed and kick my legs off a cupboard, i had to have my legs and arms pinned down whilst i was out.. i still have bruises a week later. The only good thing about a big faint is that when you have came around and had a bit of water you can rest in the comfort that its all over, but not this time, as i sat up my head did the fuzzy thing again, i panicked, and off i was again...ugh, I left the doctors an hour after my appointment, wrapped up in a travel rug in the back of the car, praying there will be no more blood tests for another 5 years at least..

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