Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bye Bye horrible black uniform, Hello Flowers

Some years are just a bit rubbish, the kind of years where you feel like you are losing at everything, 2012 was one of those years, some people don't believe in luck, they are the kind of annoying people that say "you just have to work at something to make it happen,"  yeah whatever, i hate those smug people, one day bad luck will strike them all down, that'll learn them!

At the start of 2012 I told myself I had to get out of my job by 2013, and it happened 1 week before the end of 2012, thank.god. I used to have to wear the worst uniform ever made, cargo trousers, steel toe cap boots and a fleece, yuk, all in black which makes me look dead! fleece is the worst material ever made and all examples of it should be burned. I used to unload lorries and when it rained the only rain coats where in big man sizes so i used to look like a kid playing dress up, Luck had better be on my side for the rest of my life so that I never have to start a job again that involves a fleece.

Now i am starting my own business as a florist and I get to wear whatever i like which is ACE!So that i don't go penniless, and so that I get to see people once in a while, I also work part time as a receptionist which means i can wear what i want there too, and I am getting stronger to do more trapeze routines which means i can dress up for that with crazy make up aswell, ACE, ACE ACE! life is just like one big game of dressing up, inbetween balancing all of that and still drawing inbetween. I think I knew from a really early age that when I grew up I'd be creative somehow, I loved my sindy dolls and my favourite was "artist" sindy, she wore a tiny neon pink miniskirt, a white crop t shirt and paint splattered tights, she had a hole in her thumb where you could make her hold a paint palette, I thought she was amazing and used to wish I could grow up and wear her outfit, now that i am a grown up, I'm really thankful that its not the 1980s so I don't have to wear anything like it.

As a florist I only think its fair that I wear clothes with flowers on them, so for now my uniform will be my flowery pencil skirt that i can wear with a t shirt and my new black shoes that have cats faces on them, it beats a fleece and steel toe boots any day, thank you good luck, you have saved me from another year of bad uniform, never will i wear black again!

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