Friday, 27 May 2011

Bon Voyage Big brother

Today my Big Brother has flown to Vancouver to study for a year, this is the third time he has gone to live abroad in the last 8 years (some of my friends now sing this to me when i talk about him traveling...)and I always miss him when he's gone. This time I hope he gets to stay there longer, so big brother, you either need to find a really good job over there or marry a nice Canadian girl and get a visa, or both. If you get to move there for good I will come and visit in the winter when its snowy up in the mountains. We'll go up Grouse Mountain like we did a few years ago, We'll sit inside next to a big fire with really big mugs of hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and sprinkly bits on top. I can wear my patterned Christmas cardigan because its the only time of year when it doesn't look ridiculous and we can watch people outside skiing and ice skating. We'll talk about our love for old south park episodes, and i'll even forgive you for drawing bum cracks on my my little ponies when we were little, but only if you forgive me for recording over your guns and roses tape with me singing east 17.


  1. Good luck Daniel! Have an ace time!


  2. It nearly made me cry!!
    MAM xX


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