Monday, 23 May 2011

Snow Black and The Scheme

Last week i watched The Scheme for the first time, its a Documentary series following six families living in a housing scheme in Kilmarnock, its on again tonight so i'm setting up the subtitles so i can understand what they're saying. My favorite character is Kimberley, a girl whose parents encourage her to go dancing to keep her away from drugs, she has loads of lycra and sparkly dance outfits and has a stupid amount of oversized trophies. She competes in dance competitions in a sports hall where all the girls wear loads of make up and insane false eyelashes and put on their shiniest lycra outfits to out-bling each other. They then dance around the room, elbowing each other out of the way, causing nose bleeds and black eyes, to get noticed by the judges and get a huge trophy.
I would love to dress up in Kimberley's outfit from the last episode, an all in one lycra number, with mad feathers in my hair. I'd push all them other girls out of the way and be a dance champion, i'd dance to this, and the judges would think i was so amazing that i'd get the biggest trophy of them all. The only thing i couldn't do is the fake tan, i'd rather be pale than have to wear paper pants while someone sprayed me orange.

1 comment:

  1. The Scheme is pretty unbelievable,
    We where watching it last night whilst working on getting our new blog up and running, take a look


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