Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Snow Black and the other Dorothy shoes

Once upon a time (about 5 summers ago...) I worked at a well know architects firm as a model maker, i spent my days trying to make models from resin,perspex, foam and pretty much anything else i could think of, sometimes wearing a dress/heels/huge rubber gloves combination that i hope i'll never have to repeat. Most of the people there were great and the days went by quickly sitting in the sunshine at lunch and listening to music that i was given by a co worker, mostly this kind of thing.
One thing I soon learned was that its definitely true about architects offices, they do all wear black, or shades of grey, even in the summer. Architects do seem to like grey, the office was decorated in it too, so even on the sunniest days it always felt a bit depressing. I don't suit plain black, my skin isn't the right kind of pale to pull it off, and I cant really do grey either, so i just had to wear my usual patterned stuff and not blend in. I used to love wearing my silver sparkly Dorothy shoes (In the wizard of Oz book, her shoes were silver, not red like in the film...) they are Mary Jane style with glittery shiny silver bits all over that glisten in the sun. I used to get a lot of stares when i skipped down the stairs in them, but one female architect said they cheered up her day (she was a head to toe black dresser in the office...) I don't work in an architect's office anymore but i really hope one day, some architects will get together and wear something coloured, or patterned, or sparkly, and architecture will be a less grey world.

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