Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Snow Black and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

A few weeks ago I went to the Edinburgh Tattoo, its the third time i've been because I LOVE marching bands. Every other year its been really nice weather and so this year I was feeling a bit too optimistic when i got dressed.
Since moving to Scotland about 8 years ago I've come to realise that most people here dress much more appropriately for the weather than I do, but then again, I come from a place where you get laughed at if you wear a coat when you go out on a night. Lots of Scottish people have those sensible all weather-feel like you're wearing a sleeping bag-type coats where they can stay nice and toasty and dry inside and laugh in the face of rain. But, i just cant bring myself to buy one, I don't think many people look especially good in them, but I look tragically bad in them...and so I get soaked and shivery whenever it rains.
What I have become quite apt at is borrowing other peoples clothing when mine fails to keep me warm/dry, i think its acceptable to look a bit stupid then because its obvious its not your own. For the tattoo i thought i was prepared by wearing really thick tights and a slip (layering!) but instead, my dress started to cling to me from the rain and my jumper got soggy....oh well, i managed to acquire an umbrella, a huge warm scarf and a full length wool coat...i may have looked like a car crash but i'm going to do this forever and always say no to being practical.

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