Monday, 15 August 2011

Snow Black, the L.A escape and an afghan coat

Mamas and Papas-California Dreaming

Art Brut-Moving to L.A

I hate living in Edinburgh during August when the festival kicks off and the population triples. You can't get a bus anywhere without it being full of teenage students on a college holiday, you get elbowed and prodded walking up the royal mile and people walk even more infuriatingly slowly along princes street.Worst of all, someone you know always invites you to a stand up comedy show and you have to defend yourself as to why you hate stand up whilst they moan about how miserable you are. Last week I got harassed by a couple of amateur dramatic types with painted bodies and fairy wings, their optimism and overall cheeriness made me want to run away, more than ever I wished I had real dorothy shoes that I could have clicked three times to get me out of festival hell.
I've always dreamed of having enough money to run away every August as far away from the festival as possible, if i had the cash I would get the first plane out and go to L.A. As it'd be so hot I wouldn't even have to pack much, I'd live in bikinis and spend all day between the beach and the ice cream bar next to the Santa Monica Carousel. On an evening I'd wear my mam's 1970's afghan coat that I used to wear in my sixth form college days. I'd wear it over my animal print bikini and lie on the beach dreaming that I was there in the 60s and 70s listening to music like the doors-roadhouse blues

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