Thursday, 8 September 2011

Snow Black and the Great North Run countdown

10 days to go til the Great North run...maybe only 10 days to go on this earth if my legs don't hold up.
I received my running vest a few days ago (fortunately green is my colour) its all starting to feel real, and scary, and at the moment my music playlist planning is taking priority over training....
Back in January I hoped that by entering the run I would get amazing legs in the process of training, but then a friend warned me that i might get super fit lovely legs, but my bra size would go down...a lot, therefore i have made the well thought about decision to forget about the amazing legs plan, but now i think about it, having super strong legs would help a lot with the uphill stretches...oh well....for now i will just have to enjoy the last 10 days that i might have left..

oh, and i am running (perhaps dying) for the Farplace Animal charity who help out lots of lovely animals and let them run free in wild meadows...please sponsor me here

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