Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Snow Black laid bare

For a while now, sites like facebook have been driving me mad with all my contacts updating their "walls" telling everyone how great life is, how they've just bought a new car, baked a cake or ran 5 miles in 5 minutes all before 9am, when i've not even managed to change out of my nightdress and my biggest achievement has been making a cup of tea. It really doesn't make for a good start for the day. Then again blogging also means you can edit your life through a website, if you're having a bad day/ week/ (even month) no one needs to know because you can just choose to hide it by writing about something else.
It would be nice if the blogging and social networking world changed for a little while, and people would just tell the truth, no matter how embarrassing or boring, everyone should confess to what they are really doing.
I am going to start this trend which will start on this very small blog and then will become so popular that everyone will copy me and the world of blogging and of facebook will change forever, and you can all thank me when your contacts stop saying how great their lives are and start saying the really mundane things they are doing and you will start feeling so much better about your own non eventful lives.
My confession is about the music that I run to, I am a bit of a music snob, oh alright, i'm a lot of a music snob. Not that I am a musician, or have the best ever taste in music (although i'd say it was quite good) but there is just some music that I hate. Top of the list is indie music that isn't really indie music, like people who think Kasabian or Snow patrol is indie, its not,and thats all i really have to say about that. I also cant stand clubs that play dance music, I hate dance music and refuse to dance to it, and in a category all by himself, Colin Hay, I will never take him seriously for rhyming sea with tea, or marie with company,or car with far (the list goes on...) enough said.
However, there are times when your usual song choices just aren't right, and for me, thats when I run. I went through a phase of listening to 1970s punk rock and nothing else at the start of the year when i was training, before that there was an entire year of running to ABBA,and this year, in preparation for, and during, the Great North run, I'm afraid things just got see, I am not a very good runner, I just enjoy doing it because I like to really push my body until it feels like i've got no energy left sometimes, and, not being a serious runner, I dont follow training plans or timings or techniques, I just run as if I am in a musical. Its quite basic really, I love dancing and always wanted to dance on stage, so when i run I try to zone out, focus really hard on the songs and pretend I am dancing to them; it can be embarrassing because your legs have to run, but your arms are free to dance and you need a lot of self control to not flail around and knock out other runners during your imaginary dance routine.
So, with that in mind, this years music playlist has included...
Bon Jovi - Lay your hands on me
Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing
Placebo-Pure Morning
(I almost feel sick admitting to this one...) Shania Twain-Man! I feel like a woman
Tom Jones-Help Yourself
During this years run, at about the 10k point when the rain started to come down and I needed an extra push, the perfect song came on at just the right time, and I have to say, It is the BEST song to run to....
Cher-Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
So, maybe i have Cher to thank for getting me through the half way point, and In a sort of weird tribute, i have drawn myself warming up to my next run (Edinburgh's 10k this sunday-what am I thinking?!) wearing an outfit inspired by a 1980s Cher aerobics outfit, now, maybe i should look up some of her other songs to get me through the run, shoop shoop song anyone?....

Right, I feel so much better about my Cher confession, who's next?.........

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