Monday, 25 April 2011

All night horror show at the cameo cinema

On Saturday night I went along to the Cameo Cinema for their second all night horror show, it started at 10pm and I stumbled home at 8am the next day, looking like something out of the living dead. They played Society, Re-animator, Flesh for Frankenstein, Opera and Braindead, i tried to take a long nap at about 4am during Opera but it didn't work too well, the scene with all the crows woke me up with the noise.

I wore my peach coloured lace dress with huge sleeves like an angel's wings with a cream petticoat underneath, my dress felt a bit like a nightdress so i thought i'd be able to take a nap in it-but that didn't quite work out. I hate wearing shoes in the cinema so i walked there in my new clog shoes/heels and had my really long rusty coloured socks on to keep warm during the films.
The crowd was a real mix of people, i think my favourite were a couple a few rows infront with matching long hair and old horror film t-shirts on.

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