Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding celebrations

What i'm listening to- The Clash-London's Burning

Its Royal wedding day. Someone said to me yesterday "Hasn't Kate done well for herself!" but i think William's done pretty well for himself too, she looks so lovely.
I think the street party thing is a bit outdated, does anyone really want to eat sliced cucumber sandwiches and drink tea from stupidly small china cups with impossibly tiny handles? I cant think of much worse really. If i could celebrate anywhere today, it wouldnt be amongst the crowds in London, I'd be heading down to the coast, somewhere along the north east of England where you can get fish, chips, mushy peas, and as its a wedding, I'd go all out and get scraps too.
I'd wash it all down with a nice big mug of tea, drank from my made in china Royal wedding mug, one of my favorite presents given to me this year, I love William and Kate's big smiling faces on it, and kind of wish i had a whole set of it, plates and all.
I'd wear my vintage pinky peach long lace dress with grey lace edging, it still hangs in my wardrobe, unworn, I've considered wearing it for weddings but thought it might be a bit too bridal, but for a royal wedding, i don't think i'd have any chance in upstaging the bride.

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