Monday, 4 July 2011

Snow Black and the back crunching trapeze fall

Today was my last aerial skills lesson of the summer semester and I was really looking forward to putting my routine together and getting some photographs taken to show everyone what I've been up to. When I first started the class I was scared of lots of the moves, today I was brave....and fell. badly. turns out my left hand still has a lousy grip (I blame my rollerskating accident for this, aged 7) The worst bit was the really loud crunch noise that you don't want to hear coming from your own body. The best bit was the spectacular way I landed, I was told not to move and it was then that I became aware that I'd landed with arms and legs all over the place, resembling one of those chalk outlines of murder victims from a comedy film.
I've now had a coating of painkilling gel smothered all over my back and have heat patches stuck all over it, I look like a walking science experiment. Good news is I've been told it takes 7 bad falls to become really good at trapeze, so I feel like i'm making progress......

I've started to add some of my drawings to the flickr group "What I wore today" go have a look

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