Friday, 8 July 2011

Snow Black's Coffee, the police box dream

Dotted around Edinburgh are lots of police boxes, some are stood empty and others have been turned into coffee stands, usually staffed by people with dreadlocks and clothes that you buy from those shops that smell of incense (not to generalise of course....) For a while now I've dreamed about owning one, I'd spend my night times baking cheesecakes and muffins and then get up really early and sit in my police box all day watching the world go by, I don't think I could quite pull off red dreadlocks though...
One of the police boxes went up for sale last year and I wished I was rich and could buy it and live happily ever after, but I'm not rich, and now it's up for rent, and I'm not even rich enough to rent it. That made me quite sad, if I could rent it I'd sell so much coffee and loads of milkshakes that the nearby costa and starbucks would have to close down. I'd wear my nicest dresses to work like the white one with a strawberry pattern and I'd play music that made me happy (today it'd have to be this)The only problem would be that I'd probably drink so many milkshakes that I'd never make a profit and I'd get so fat I wouldn't be able to fit inside the stand. Oh well, maybe its best I'm not rich after all.

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