Thursday, 21 July 2011

Snow Black and the Great North run feral cat plan

In two month's time I expect my body to be crippled and to be doing not much more than lying in a bath for a week, on 18 September I will be taking part in the Great North Run. I signed up on impulse just before New Year's Day last year, because I hate New Years and needed to do something to feel excited about, I knew that even though I probably wasn't as fit as I'd have liked to have been to enter. if I told everyone I was doing it, I'd be too stubborn to back down.
The main advantage, I thought, was that I would get a super amazing body from all the training and I'd look so good that I could run it in one of those crop tops and a tiny pair of shorts like what proper runners wear...that's not really happened, I get spells where I train a lot, then times when I do something stupid like sprain my foot or fall off a trapeze and it means I have to take a break from it.
The thing I am quite worried about is being so slow that even people in giant costumes will take over me, I am also afraid of those people who wear costumes where you cant see their eyes, so It might make me feel like I am running through a nightmare. This is when i came up with the feral cat plan, I am running for a charity called farplace animal rescue who are a no kill animal sanctuary. They asked if i wanted to wear pink rabbit's ears during the run, which sounded like a bad idea to me, its a televised event and upon the tiniest chance that the cameras will show me, it will be bad enough that i'll be filmed wearing lycra, nevermind rabbit ears. Also, its a bit of a shame but I think rabbit ears now are just associated with playboy bunnies or sexy bunny Halloween outfits when girls no longer dress up as ghosts or blood covered zombies but think of an animal and try to make it look sexy, its weird and its wrong, cats and bunnies are not sexy.
If I did have to run in an outfit, it would be a feral cat, because I think they'd have a bit more character and the charity looks after a lot of them, and it would mean I could hide under my huge furry costume so no one would know it was actually me if i was really slow, and I definitely wouldnt have to try and look sexy....just......feral?!

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